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 Price list

Under Construction - Come back often for updates

We are authorized Dealers for Valken, Tippman, Virtue, and Enola Gaye.


 For Sale**

Headwraps                           $20.00

Pods                                     $1.00

Set Screws                            $1.00

Tactical Vest                         $65.00

POD Holster                          $45.00

Smoke Grenades^                 $6

Barrel Cover (used)                $1.00

Barrel Cover (new)                 $3.00- 5.00               


** We reserve the right to prohibit sales on all merchandise

^Sale requires a safety brief and use on field only. Off field sales prohibited.


For Rent

Neck Protector                       $1.00

Vest                                       $2.00

Barrel Cover                           $2.00

Elbow Pads                             $2.00


Protector Package                  $5.00









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